I will keep these essays for the rest of my life. They are truly the most prized pieces of writing I have ever done. — IN

Thank you for encouraging me and standing by me. I really appreciate your commitment to my success. — MB

Your fantastic feedback and unwavering support are what allowed me to finish my essays and get into EVERY school I applied to! — AU

Honestly, the time and thought you put into your edits and responses were incredible. – KW

You are so good at what you do. You made the writing process as painless as possible. – ST

I remember going to start my essay, and I literally had nothing to write about. I probably brainstormed by myself for at least 10 hours. Finally, I called you, and you talked me through my life to find something really unique I could write about. Once we found the topic, I was so excited. I wrote the rough draft on my own, and then you read it. You helped me rewrite and rewrite to find my voice and message. Your critique really helped me write my best essay ever. — AM


Last night my husband and I read our son’s essay and cried. I think it does a great job of showing what a thoughtful guy he is and strives to be. — DW

You are a miracle worker. You got our procrastinator son to meet every deadline! — TK

Your advice on the structure was truly key to the whole process. — DS

You have a wonderful gift in helping kids show their personalities in each essay. — RR

We really appreciate how you were able to coax stories out of our reserved son. — CL

I don’t know how you did it. We had been working on that essay with our daughter for weeks, and you helped her do it—start to finish—in two hours. Amazing! — MM

You asked the right questions to nudge her to probe deeper. You helped her organize her thoughts. You never took over the process, but instead coached her to write the best essays she could. She trusted you instantly because of your warm demeanor. — SG

You tirelessly and patiently helped him through self-doubt, panic, and last minute additions to his list. Your generosity and kindness went above and beyond. – SG